About Me

My name is Ajah and I am the brains behind Beautyywoo

26 Things About Me

1. My birthday is September 24, 1992. Libra

2. University of Missouri Alumna

3. God, Family, Makeup… haha no but seriously, in that order

4. Started wearing makeup in the 7th grade. I would sneak and wear my moms to school

5. I HATE math! It created a lot of obstacles for me in high school and in college

6. I am 5’9 and I love it! Always have & always will

7. I stopped using Mac’s eyebrow pencil because it annoyed me how fast I would go through the product

8. I wore a lip liner as an eyebrow pencil for months because I refused to purchase another eyebrow pencil… never again

9. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois

10. I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Tyger

11. I will avoid a situation at all costs, just so I wont be disappointed

12. My father works for Adidas so when I leave my Jordan’s in the house, he puts them by the garbage can

13. I have traveled to Cologne Germany, Barcelona Spain, and Amsterdam Netherlands

14. Sometimes I feel like God gave me a big forehead and no eyebrows because the plan was to put makeup in my life. Thank you contour Gods! Oh and Anastasia Beverly Hills

15. I would love to one day in the future have a line of Mink bottom and top lashes

16. I can not wait to move to a different city, New York is the goal!

17. I always felt that NYX Cosmetics is way to bomb of a brand to be considered drugstore makeup

18. I have always been pretty athletic. I feel its important to stay in decent shape

19. I played volleyball for 6 years

20. I dislocated my left shoulder twice and my right shoulder once

21. I want to name my future daughter Disney

22. My favorite color is red

23. I always pack my makeup before I pack anything else

24. Sometimes I have dreams about Chipotle. I seriously feel like they put crack in their food or something

25. My close friends and family call me A or Aj

26. I went to Michigan State University my freshman year of college


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