Almost Over

Guys, I can’t believe the summer is almost over! *tears*. It all happened so fast but I honestly feel this way every year around this time. As soon as I start talking about my birthday (in September), I know it’s time to start shopping for outerwear and cozy sweaters. Time flies as you get older, it’s really crazy. I remember being a kid and thinking the summer was too long and being ready to go back to school in September. Even in college, when I would come home for the summer I felt refreshed by August. Now, I feel like I’ve really accomplished nothing and summer/fall are just one big season. This year i’ve really had to remind myself to enjoy each day and stop living for the weekends. I’m going to be 25 next month and I’m honestly still in shock. I vividly remember turning 16 and 21 and now my quarter life is around the corner. I place more stock in starting fresh around my birthday than a New Year because I look at it as my 25th year around the sun, that’s a big deal! I will probably talk about this more when it gets a little bit closer to my birthday but this is just a little piece of where I’m at in my journey!

What new lessons have you learned this year? Enjoy!

Dress: ASOS

Bag: Amazon

Shoes: Adidas

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