Black Friday, Ya Ready?

Guys!! Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving, let alone almost Christmas! But let’s be honest, the true gem of the holidays is Black Friday, of course. I personally don’t go into stores and shop because I work retail and the thought of waiting in long fitting room lines exhaust me. Most years I just wait until I get off work and check my email and start purchasing things as the day progresses but this year I found myself taking it a lot more seriously. I think it’s because I’m getting older and unfortunately I have to adult, so I am budgeting my pockets. I decided that this year I’m going to break this day into three categories: where do I shop the most, what items have I been waiting all year to buy, and who is having the best deals? After thinking about that, I decided that I’m basically going to spend all my coins at ASOS ha jk! But for real, it came down to the Holy Trinity: ASOS, Zara, and H&M. Unfortunately, I work at 9:00 am on Black Friday so I decided that it would be easier if I added my things to my multiple carts and just clicked “submit order” while on my way to work. Even though Black Friday is seen as such a greedy and materialistic holiday (kinda is), I really think it’s nice for people who work hard all year and want some new things for themselves. It’s also a good time to buy gifts, which we know can get expensive so there really are beneficial and humbling ways to really make the best of the day!

What items are you planning on buying during Black Friday? Enjoy guys!

Blouse: ASOS

Jeans: Topshop


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